Have you ever wondered what it feels like to work in the service industry? The Scott Family McDonald’s wants you to come interview us, and see who we are and why you wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!  Managers in the retail or quick-service industry can receive a free McDonald’s sandwich every week for a year. If you have management experience, call 937-773-7200 to schedule an appointment.

What is a reverse interview? This is an opportunity for you to come ask us questions, find out our amazing benefits and learn why we have so many long-term employees and an awesome family culture, where we all take care of each other!  

Here’s how it works. Call the office number above, set up an interview time, then come in for a casual conversation with one of our managers.  They will explain our processes, procedures, and benefits. They can help you compare your benefits to ours, ask questions and if you are interested meet other managers and crew!  Then you will receive a coupon for a large sandwich for a year, along with some McDonald’s swag.  What can it hurt?  We think you may be surprised how much we love our brand, our fast-paced job, and where we put smiles on faces all day long!  

Here are a few of our talented managers who you could pair up with.

Lori Terrel, who started as a crew member at the Troy, Ohio McDonald’s back in 1981, now manages the Troy store. Lori also trains and develops crew members and managers throughout the company. Lori says, “I love training and developing the new people coming up in the company. I get to watch these individuals grow and learn new things that they will use throughout their lives, so that’s really rewarding to me.” Her favorite benefit is the flexible scheduling. She has the opportunity to take time off when she needs it and gets to give that to her crew as well. Lori urges anyone to come in and experience everything we have to offer, including the benefits, culture, and family atmosphere.

Jason Tumbusch, is  the general manager in Sidney, Ohio.  He started working with Scott Family McDonald’s before the turn of the century when he was 16 years old. He started at the Greenville McDonald’s on Wagner Avenue with the goal to pay for his first car. Several cars later and he is now the general manager of the Sidney McDonald’s on Michigan Ave and has led the store for 4 years. Jason believes his job to be more than just a paycheck. The crew he trains, the people he meets and the benefits make the atmosphere feel like one big, happy family. He takes every opportunity to remind his crew of the many benefits offered. He says that the benefits of Paid Time Off,  health insurance, 401K, a $75 incentive toward good grades, and the Archways to Opportunity program ($2500 to employees for every year they attend college), are all amazing reasons to work for McDonald’s.

Nikki Hahn has been with Scott family McDonald’s since June of 2014. She actually started working at a corporate McDonald’s location in 2009. She started out as a crew member and worked her way up to a salary position. After a short time away from McDonald’s, she wanted to rejoin the company because she missed the fast-paced environment. Starting as a shift leader with SFM she quickly decided that she wanted to come back full time. Within 2 years she had proven herself and was promoted to general manager of Towne Centre in Fairborn in 2018. What Nikki loves most about her job is making an impact on the crew she works with every day. She feels like more than a boss, but also a motherly figure who looks out for her crew in times of need. She says, “The culture in SFM across the board is unlike the culture in any other McDonald’s I have ever worked in. Upper management and the company leaders truly value you, your time, and the importance of your personal and family life. Here you aren’t just another employee or manager, you are part of a family and we always look out for one another!”

Beth Garber, a supervisor, who oversees four Scott Family McDonald’s Restaurants has been with the company for over 24 years. She started with SFM when she was almost 16. She really enjoyed the All American Crew Person Games where she would travel and compete with other crew around the country to strengthen their skills at the restaurant. She worked her way up to a first assistant position and held the role for many years. Her supervisor at the time, Dave Mizek, encouraged her to embrace the general manager role. Beth spent almost 10 years as a general manager, and she opened the location on Centre Drive in Fairborn, Ohio. She also managed three other locations and then became a supervisor in 2019. Beth strives to push the company forward and loves the openness they have to new ideas and change. “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the people I have met along the way, those role models and coaches that I’ve had that made an impact on my life,” Beth says.  

The education you receive in the quick-service industry will stay with you for the rest of your life. The communication skills, the leadership skills, the connection you build with the community, and the impact that you make on others’ lives will be with you forever. Come share your experience with us so that we can grow as an organization and learn from other great and talented people, just like you. 

Call 937-773-7200 and schedule your appointment. We promise it will be worth your while!