Oh, the holiday season!

Gifts to buy, places to go, lots of food to eat…and let’s not forget the decorations… tree’s, lights, and wreaths (Oh my)! While I love Christmas, I am thankful it only happens once a year! Are you caught up in the hustle and bustle? Need to just take a breath away from everything?!?!  Well…. 

December’s SFM newsletter is just what the doctor ordered! We are going to try and take your mind off the madness if only for a little bit. So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. 

 I know we mentioned this last newsletter but WELCOME. KENTUCKY. FAMILY! Newly promoted Taylor Collins will keep us up to date on all the happenings in the neighboring state. She has lots and lots of great events planned for the month of December and we can’t wait to showcase them and show ya’all how much we really are all alike! The hospitality of the people in Kentucky is hands down the greatest part of adopting such a great group! I speak for all of us in Ohio when I say we are excited for what’s to come! Donnie Debord will get us started with that southern hospitality in the McNuggets of Wisdom section.

Have spending fatigue? Are you dreading those credit card bills after Christmas? We have created some great ways to budget during the holidays. Want to know some great facts about Christmas? Glad you asked. Check out the Did You Know section. As always we are going to be celebrating our people… HU Grads, Perfect Attendance Winners, Christmas Parties and everything else in between- we got it covered!

To conclude, this is a reminder to take care of Y.O.U. during the dreary winter months ahead. Seasonal depression is real, and we want to make sure you are taking time to make yourself a priority. If you can’t get out and walk, walk around your house. Soup cans make great weights, so do water bottles. There are many great (and free) workouts to suit everyone’s needs on YouTube. Walls make great workout partners and can be used for many things. Paper plates can be used for a a great shoulder workout. I got you covered. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I can make a program for every fitness level. Let’s get ahold of some healthy habits before the bad ones take over. It’s never too late to start. I am happy to help you on your journey to health. 

You are in the drivers seat. Where is your path taking you? It all starts with the first step. 

Get out and slay the day…YOU are WORTH IT!


Cindy Frantz

Cindy Frantz

Recruitment/Community Relations

Congratulations to our HU Graduates!

Kyle Elifritz

Kyle is a 1st Assistant Manager at our Piqua East Store. He’s been with SFM for 9 years now! “I really enjoyed meeting others with the same passion that I have for McDonald’s at HU.” 

Mitchell Purcell

Mitchell is the General Manager at our KY Cynthiana store! “At HU, I enjoyed networking with others and being pushed out of my comfort zone with the activities we took part in!”

Michelle Fish

Michelle is the General Manager of our Stanton store and has been with the company for 7 years. “My favorite part about HU was the helpful instructors! Having open ears and listening to your people is the biggest thing I took away from this experience!” 

Budgeting for the holidays.. and beyond!

Whether you’re reading this in December or February, there is no time like the present to start saving for the holidays! For many, the holidays can be a stressful period that adds to existing financial pressures — but by mapping out your Christmas budget ahead of time, you can put yourself in the best position possible.

 The average American plans to spend $998 on holiday gifts, food for their Christmas dinner, decorations and other holiday-related purchases. Across the nation, that worked out as $843.4 billion of holiday retail sales. Everyone’s situation is different, but no matter how much or how little you think you want to spend, the only way to know that you’ll stick within your means is to create and budget and stick with it. 

 First, you need to determine your spending limit. Look at your bank account and credit card statement from last year. The amount you spent might surprise you. Set a limit for each gift this year. For example, you could decide to spend $50 on immediate family and $25 for extended family or friends.

Next, you’ll need to work out and build up your weekly savings. Say you set a budget at $800 to spend for Christmas, how will you achieve that amount in the course of a few months? You can put back $100 per paycheck or $25 a week depending on how much time you have to save up. Make sure to look at your monthly expenses and current income to see how you are able to achieve this. You might have to run a tight ship for a few months by not buying that coffee in the morning or the new game that just came out for Xbox. 

Last, track your spending. Don’t let yourself go over the budget you set for yourself! An idea to keep yourself on track is to separate your Christmas budget from your checking account. Save this budget as cash and only make cash purchases. It is easier to keep yourself on track when you can physically see what you have left. 

If you aren’t sure that you can even be a saver, go to this website to take the quiz and see what kind of saver you are and what tips and tricks can help you get to where you want and need to be! 

Let’s get to know Donnie Debord, our Director of Operations in Kentucky! 

How long have you been working for McDonald’s?

I’ve been with McDonald’s for 34 years now! I started when I was 16 years old, in fact, this is the only job I’ve ever had! I started with the Healy’s and am blessed that the transition to SFM has been so smooth and quite literally the perfect fit! 

What are some of your holiday traditions?

My family and I always go to the Christmas Lights at the Kentucky Horse park every single year. We also attend the midnight service at our Church on Christmas Eve, no matter what. We do a lot of traveling to see family as well – some of my family lives in Xenia, so I’ll be up north this year. And of course, the Elf on the shelf never goes away – even if my kids are 18 and 21!

What is on your Christmas list this year?


Honestly, there is not a single thing that I need. I just pray and hope that my family and I continue to have the resources to be happy and successful throughout life. My oldest daughter is getting married in June and my youngest is in college and I just want them to have everything they need.

Beth Garber - Supervisor


There are a variety of reasons why your days may not be merry and bright around the holiday season. It can be the jam-packed social calendar, deadlines at work, the loss of a loved one, sunless winter days, or all of the above.

Are you lacking the “holiday spirit’?

If so, you can recognize that you don’t need to force yourself to be happy and that it’s good to acknowledge feelings that aren’t joyful; remember that you are not alone in feeling this way.

Overwhelmed by grief and loss?

Take time to check in with yourself and your feelings and have realistic expectations for how the holiday
season will be. If you are dealing with loss or grief, gently remind yourself that as circumstances change,
traditions will change as well.

Feeling pressured to partake in activites?

Prioritize the most important activities or schedule get-togethers for after the holidays: If you feel overwhelmed by social obligations and what others are asking of you, learn how to be comfortable saying “no”.

Stressed about giving gifts?

Consider how much money you can comfortably spend and stick to the amount. You can also give the gift of helping a neighbor, a friend, a family member, or a stranger. It’s the act of giving that is more important than a present. Or you can just simply let people know you are unable to give gifts this year.

Talk to your mental health professional or your primary care physician if you have been feeling anxious or depressed for more than two weeks, or if the holidays are long gone and you are still feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed.

Piqua Historical Tour

We opened our doors at our office for Piqua’s Historical Walk. Our office was built in 1886! 


to our November & December challenge winners!

The Challenge: OEPE w/o Parks – weekend average


Merily Way, Broad St, Belle North, Belle South


Food Safety: Greenville North

Perfect Attendance Winners!


Justin Baker – Sidney
Mason Hughes – Troy
Cameron Calhoun – MW
Dakota Arrington – Piqua W
Shyla Lown – Towne
Jonathon Quallen-Cooper – Col Glenn
Jenny Ganger – GVN
Tyler Watson – GVS
Kaewn Roberts – Brandt
Jeremy Wooten – Tipp City
Beth Ragland – BFS
Crystal Huffman – BFN
Peter Leciejewski – Broad
Samantha Brown – Kauffman
Brenda Swallow – Piqua E


Pamela Engle – Sidney
Brianna Saunders – Troy
Judith Brady – Merily Way
Sean Quinn – Piqua West
Chris Rowe – Towne
Mary Tsuchiyama – Col Glenn
Jane Glick – GVN
Ashley Hood – GVS
Zayne Baker – Brandt Pike
Lisa Cox – Tipp City
Haley Anderson – BFS
Ethan Stone – BFN
Alexia Cooper – Broad St.
Amber Sturgill – Kauffman
Amy Mullins – Piqua East

Christmas Cookie Recipes

Cheesecake Thumbprint Cookies

These 5-Ingredient Raspberry Cheesecake Thumbprint Cookies are so flavorful and basically melt in your mouth! An easy cookie recipe you’ll make over and over again!

Click photo for recipe! 

Salted Brownie Cookies

Two desserts in one delicious chocolatey treat! With a shiny, crackly outside that’s topped with semi-sweet chocolate chips and sea salt flakes, these decadent fudgy cookies will satisfy any chocolate lover’s sweet tooth!

Click photo for recipe!

Christmas Gooey Butter Cookies

If you’re looking for the perfect melt-in-your-mouth Christmas cookies that are super easy to make, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect recipe.

Click photo for recipe! 

Hot Chocolate Cookies

These easy Hot Chocolate Cookies are always a hit! Made with real hot cocoa, this is always a popular winter or Christmas cookie!

Click photo for recipe! 

Cindy and Nikki (with their husbands Tom & Chad) traveled down to Kentucky to volunteer at Operation Happiness in Winchester on December 21st! They helped pass out coats, hats, gloves and food to those in the community in need this winter season. 


Are you Ready to Further your Education?

Archways to Opportunities gives you all of the resources you need to begin or continue your college education! 

Archways To Opportunity

McDonald’s and its independent franchisees are committed to helping employees further their education and achieve their dreams.

To help individuals who work at a company-owned or independently franchised restaurant, we created Archways to Opportunity, a comprehensive education strategy with multiple programs that give people an opportunity to grow and learn – no matter where they are on their journey.

How do I earn my High School Diploma?

You can graduate from high school by taking classes online – whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you – through Career Online High School. And, you may be able to apply credits from high school courses you’ve already completed.

How do I choose an affordable path to college?

If you are ready to get started working toward your college degree, Archways to Opportunity® offers programs to help make your goals a reality – in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Our programs can help you explore educational opportunities while getting financial support to make your educational journey easier.

How do I figure out the right path for me?

Figuring out the next step in your education and career journey may feel like a lot. Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions has Success Coaches who are available to help you identify your education needs, review your career goals and develop a plan for the future. Your coach will continue to support you throughout your experience to ensure that you successfully achieve your goals and complete your program.

How do I improve my English?

We want you to feel confident in all that you do. If you are bilingual, this includes being comfortable talking in English. Whether you are speaking to customers or staff, your voice should be heard. English Under the Arches® can help.

With the support of English Under the Arches, you can improve your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

How do I earn my degree for free through CTU?

The Commitment Grant, along with maximizing Archways to Opportunity tuition assistance, covers 100% of eligible students’ online tuition, including eBooks and student fees, at CTU helping you to pursue your educational goals without the need for student loans.

Eligible students may utilize the Commitment Grant towards any Associate or Bachelor’s degree program offered at CTU.


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