Did you know that Scott Family McDonald’s offers up to $600 a year for a gym membership of your choice? As a General Manager, Assistant Manager, or Swing Manager you have the opportunity to have a portion of your health or gym membership paid annually. This service can be used at your local YMCA or Health Club of your choice and can be used by you and your family.

There are currently four levels of benefits depending on your management position.  Here are how the benefits are structured:

General Managers – 90% of a basic Family Membership

First Assistants – 70% of basic Family Membership

Second Assistants – 50% of basic Single Membership

Certified Swings – $100 Annually

Scott Family McDonald’s (SFM) will pay according to the above breakdown up to $600 annually.  Employees must be with SFM for one year before they can take part in this benefit. An annual bill from your gym is required. This bill can be turned in to  Rick at the office. Employees can expect to see the reimbursement on their paycheck stub within 2-4 weeks.  

Richie Hahn, General Manager of our Kauffman location utilizes this benefit for his whole family. Richie says that the process was simple, “I was able to pay my family membership for the entire year!” He also mentioned, “I use it to work out, and for sports activities for the girls. They play soccer and basketball, all through the YMCA.”  Richie’s girls Huntley and Harper are able to play sports, join clubs, and stay active at a discount using this benefit!

Nikki Taylor, our Office Administrator, also used this benefit at Planet Fitness. However you like to work out, SFM can help!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below or contact our Community Relations and Hiring Manager Cindy Frantz at (937) 214-9103 or email her at cindy@scottmcd.com Click here to apply to Scott Family McDonald’s.