Emily Fyffe, a Greenville High School junior, Edison State Tech Prep student, and a crew trainer at Scott Family McDonald’s, has worked at the Greenville McDonald’s on Wagner Avenue for two years now, starting at the age of 15. 

Emily has moved around a lot in her life. Her family has lived in Newport, Kentucky and Dayton, Ohio before currently settling in Covington, Ohio. She keeps track of the moves by thinking about Christmas and where she was during the holiday season. Emily stated, “I’ve never lived in the same place for two Christmases before.” With all of this moving, she has attended over ten different schools!

With this continuous movement, Emily believes it has given her the social skills and empathy necessary to work with all individuals. Relocating has broadened her experiences about different people and what they’ve gone through. She believes that these experiences strengthened her, made her more culturally informed, and made her who she is today. “People are just people and it’s all about making connections. Once you make a connection with someone, it becomes easier to open up and talk to them.” Emily wants nothing more than to use the skills she’s learned in her young life to help people, and that’s why her skills are invaluable to Scott Family McDonald’s.

Although she gets these new experiences at McDonald’s, Emily initially worked for Kroger. She said, “Kroger was a lot different. I didn’t get to interact with customers as much, and I wanted something where I could do that. I like working [at McDonald’s] because I get to try things more and work with a lot of people.”

Emily’s favorite place to work is the back drive thru. She says it’s a different pace from the rest of the restaurant and can relax there most while still interacting with customers. She added, “I get a different feel for everything, being in the kitchen is different than being out front with customers, so I get a variety of things to do at work.” Despite back drive thru being her favorite, she also enjoys being on table, giving her the opportunity to communicate with the team and to keep things moving.

Through engaging with team members and customers, Emily has learned to recognize when someone is stressed. If the team is falling behind, she is always there to help out, working to get everyone caught up together. The best tip Emily can give to anyone starting a new job at McDonald’s is to stay calm and patient. It may get busy around dinner time, but no matter how busy it may get, she knows they can do it by working together.

As a junior in high school, Emily takes tech prep classes to prepare for college. She spends half of her day at Greenville High School, and the other half at Edison State Community College where she is enrolled in prerequisite courses such as communications, work religion, and composition I. She’s looking forward to spending her senior year of high school enrolled as a full time student at Edison. By the time she graduates high school she will have completed enough courses to almost have an associates degree.

Emily also completed an internship at Dayton Children’s last summer where the nurses gave her inspiration to pursue a career in nursing. She hopes to become an anesthesiologist one day and help people through stressful situations. Comforting people without the use of medication, calming people down, and days spent being gentle towards patients are Emily’s future plans. As she correctly stated, “There is always going to be demand for jobs in the medical field, we’re always going to need nurses.”

Through Emily’s hard work and passion to help people, she was promoted to crew trainer last month. She has plans to continue working at Scott Family McDonald’s through her senior year, eager to travel and experience even more new places in the future. Emily’s outlook on life is an inspiration to her coworkers, fellow students and family. She hopes her story inspires others to have self-control and patience, but to get out there and try new things. As Emily stated, “Life is short, sometimes you just have to push yourself out of your comfort one and have fun.”